Process Membership Online With!

All Squadrons in the Detachment of Florida can now process membership online!

American Legion National Headquarters has developed online membership processing tools for the Sons of The American Legion (SAL). The tools are available to SAL departments, detachments, posts and squadrons.

The “Process Membership” feature located on and allows post and squadron officers to renew, add new and transfer paying members online.

For more information about SAL online membership processing or to schedule an activation of the processing tools, please contact Customer Support by calling 1-800-433-3318 or by email:

If your Squadron is not currently using, you will have to first register. You can download the registration form here.

The form requires approval signatures from both the squadron and post adjutants before it’s sent to National Headquarters. Once national staff verify officer signatures and receive approval from the department, they will email instructions on how to create a account that requires a username and password.

The squadron adjutant on file at National Headquarters is the administrator of the site, but sign-on credentials can be shared.

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